Art After Dark West End

Art After Dark brings Adelaide's West End precinct to life, Thursday 9 August 2018





5-8pm  |   Adelaide Festival Centre - above the Dunstan Playhouse

EXHIBITION: Sequential Movement

Hiraoki Umeda & Mikuni Yamaihara

Want to travel through time and space and explore the connections between contemporary dance and digital arts? Two of Japan’s leading dance choreographers and exponents of digital media installation, Hiroaki Umeda and Mikuni Yanaihara lead you deep into the matrix of digital performance with a mesmerising blend of body movement, multimedia immersion, electronic sound and choreography.


Adelaide COLLEGE OF THE Arts - Light Square Gallery

5-8pm  |  39 Light square

EXHIBITION: Altered States

Adelaide College of the Arts Printmaking Alumni and staff

The title Altered States refers to the various stages or states that a printmaker might progress through towards a finished work as well as playfully referring to the altered states of awareness associated with creativity. Participating artists respond to this with their artwork.

Altered States will promote the work of emerging artists showing their work alongside established printmakers, and by examining printmaking processes; it may give students and the public a better understanding of how prints are made.

Exhibiting artists: Lorelei Medcalf, Joshua Searson, Vicki Reynolds, Christobel Kelly, Suzie Lockery, Lucy Timbrell, Alexander Cocks, Bekki Klix, Grace Myers, Jake Holmes, Jayson Fox, Hannah Williams, Jordan Gower, Richard Austin, John Blines, Mei Sheong Wong, Georgina Willouby, Michele Lane, Simone Tippett, Jane Palmer, Sanra Starkey-Simon, Anna Austin, and Kerri-Ann Wright




Lion Arts Courtyard



AEAF 24:7

Lion Arts Courtyard

EXHIBITION: 1000 Forms of Fear 

The Ryan Sisters - We’d give our right arms for an art grant

curated by Carolyn Kavanagh

1000 Forms of Fear examines feelings of unease, menace and dread—an escalating sense of horror, echoing the perception of fear that pervades our daily life. Do you fear the future? Does the landscape of the arts in Australia look scary? The Ryan Sisters would give their right arms for an art grant... 



80 Hindley St




5-8pm | 19 Morhpett St

EXHIBITION OPENING: Homeland: Returning, Remembering, Reimagining (GalleryOne)

curated by Jo Cys and Jane Lawrence

Opening address by guest speaker  Khai Liew, Furniture Designer, Adjunct Professor in the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia and Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia.

This exhibition invites alumni and associates of the 50 year history of the University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Interior Architecture to consider the meaning of homeland in relationship to their professional practice and/or their personal lives and situations. The exhibition also celebrates the 25th Birthday of the University of South Australia.

Featuring work from Agostino & Brown (Samantha Agostino and Gareth Brown), Steven Blaess, Stephen Soeffky, Saul Scanlon, Andrew Schunke, Hannah White, Alex Gilmore-Johnston, Michael Geissler, Jordan D’Arsie, Vi Nguyen and Lisa Zamberlan.

Presented by the University of South Australia as part of the 2016 Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA) Conference.

EXHIBITION OPENING: Building Blocks (GalleryTwo)

Buildings as a source of inspiration may seem unusual for a jeweller, but many jewellers reflect upon architectural modes of construction, materials, forms and even scale within their works.

Featuring work from Claire Brooks, Christian Hall, Courtney Jackson, Jessamy Pollock and Andrew Welch.


HAWKE CENTRE & Kerry Packer Civic GallerY 

5-7pm  |  Hawke Building (Level Three) - 55 North Tce

EXHIBITION: The Futures of Waste: Photographic Perspectives

The latest report from the UN’s Environmental Program is predicting that our global urban waste production, estimated at between 7 and 10 billion tonnes a year, is set to double in developing nations within fifteen years. At present around 3 billion people, mostly in these nations, do not have formal collection systems or controlled waste disposal.

The exhibition of photographs will show the origins and dimensions of waste making, at all scales and in every region, with a particular emphasis on our own Asia Pacific region. Featuring work from selected international and award winning photographers, these images provide a reflective commentary on the environmental and social dimensions of our global waste crisis.


Mercury cinema

7pm 13 Morphett St

FILM SCREENING: Election (2005) MA15+ 

directed by Johnnie To

Johnnie To Kei-Fung reigns as the undoubted master of Hong Kong cinema today. His works have premiered at the world’s major festivals such as Cannes and Venice, though they remain richly satisfying entertainments. Known for his work in the gangster film and the romantic comedy, To incorporates stylistic experiments that consistently refresh and reinvigorate these genres.

Election clearly functions as an allegory for Hong Kong’s struggle towards democracy, but it also succeeds as a cracking genre film. Two Triad leaders face off against each other in a bloody negotiation for power. 

(100 minutes)


Nexus Arts

 Lion Arts Centre



Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art

5-7pm Hawke Building - 55 North Tce

EXHIBITION: Experimenta Recharge

curated by Jonathan Parsons, Elise Routledge & Lubi Thomas

The 6th International Biennial of Media art, this show features the work of artists who employ, critique and experiment with media and technology. For two decades, Experimenta, Australia's pre-eminent media arts organisation, has showcased dynamic and challenging contemporary art that intersects with digital media, science and technology, and design. This exhibition presents the work from Australian artists, as well as artists from Brazil, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the UAE and USA.


What would a map of Australian media art look like?
Artist Leisa Shelton invites biennial audiences to share their most affecting past experiences of media art. Come along and have a chat with Shelton  and add your story to the Mapping Australian Media Art Archive.

ORIGAMI: Check out 100 Year Sea by Japanese artists TeamLab, exploring global warming and rising sea levels. Then learn how to make your own origami angelfish, crab or squid!


SASA Gallery

5-7pm Kaurna BuildingCorner of Hindley St + Fenn Pl

EXHIBITION: Postgraduate Season
Naomi Hunter - The distance within: investigating an experience of embodiment through glass making

"These glass objects are marked with my breath and their form imbued with my actions. I use the material of glass for its transparent, transformative and tactile qualities and its capacity to expose the gesture of the maker."

ARTIST TALK: Naomi Hunter will present a short talk about her work being exhibited, starting at 6.30pm